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Real Estate Agency Bochnia

Are you looking for the perfect property for yourself and your family?

Do you need support in selling real estate?

Welcome to our real estate agency!

We are professionals who have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. We are characterized by an individual approach to clients and full commitment at every stage of cooperation.

Thanks to our many years of experience in selling houses and apartments, renting and buying real estate, we act quickly and effectively!

Join our group of clients!

Benefit from our knowledge of real estate sales!

We know very well that selling real estate can take a long time. Finding a client who is willing to buy a house or apartment at your offered price is often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Our real estate agency is pleased to support you in the process of selling a house or apartment. Our services include preparing the property for sale, creating and publishing attractive listings, conducting presentations, as well as negotiating with potential buyers.

Every property for sale is another challenge for us!

Are you looking for professionals with years of experience in the real estate industry?

You've come to the right place! We invite you to cooperate with us!

DĘBOSZ Real Estate Agency provides comprehensive support in buying and renting properties!

Are you considering buying or renting a property?

Our real estate agency not only offers services such as support in buying or renting properties. Our agents also provide advice to clients at every stage of cooperation.

So if you are considering several options (e.g., buying a property from the secondary market or building a house) and you are not sure what to choose - contact us, and together we will find the best solution!


We offer comprehensive support for our clients!

Our range of support services is very wide. It also includes property financing and creating real estate promotional videos.

All this is to ensure that you can finalize your transaction as quickly as possible and achieve full satisfaction!

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Individual approach is not everything! Our real estate agency is always one step ahead of others!

DĘBOSZ Real Estate Agency stands out with its individual approach to clients, although it is not the only advantage of our company.

We have excellent knowledge of the real estate market in the cities of Bochnia, Niepołomice, and the surrounding area. In our portfolio, we have offers for properties and plots that are true "gems".

Our agents take care of clients before, during, and after the transaction. They ensure that buying or selling offers are as favorable as possible and fully meet the client's expectations.

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Check out our listings - there's plenty to choose from!

Are you looking for a plot of land up to 200,000 PLN, an apartment up to 300,000 PLN, or maybe a house for a maximum of 1,000,000 PLN?

Our real estate agency has so many interesting offers that you will definitely have plenty to explore!

Use our search engine and find the best deals for yourself!

Is selling real estate through an agency worth it?

Collaborating with a real estate agency has many advantages and is definitely worth it!

Among the most obvious benefits are safety at every stage of the transaction and time savings.

However, there are also other aspects to consider, such as the possibility of reducing the purchase price of a property through effective negotiations with the seller and increasing the value of a house or apartment through professional property preparation.

Buying or renting real estate - which is better?

There is no definitive answer to this question because it depends on the client's financial capabilities, preferences, and expectations.

Although it is often said that "it's better to pay for your own place than to pay someone else's mortgage," not everything is black and white.

Another factor is that not everyone has the creditworthiness, and sometimes renting a property is the only option to live in good conditions.

One thing is certain - among the offers of DĘBOSZ Real Estate Agency, you will definitely find many interesting listings for apartments and houses for rent or sale.

DĘBOSZ Real Estate Agency - no secrets when it comes to properties!

Are you looking for your dream apartment in Bochnia or its surroundings?

Or perhaps you are planning to build a house and are looking for a plot of land?

The agents representing our real estate agency will gladly take care of you and find the best offer for you!

Check out the range of services offered by DĘBOSZ Real Estate Agency - how can we help you?

Our real estate agency, meeting client expectations, provides a wide range of services.

We have been working in the real estate industry for years, so we know that mediation in sales, purchases, or rentals is not enough.

Therefore, we offer services such as financial advice and the creation of promotional videos.

Selling, buying, and renting real estate with our agency is pure pleasure!

Let's talk about your expectations!